How to Cure Edema and Foot Swelling with Naturopathy

In naturopathy, there is big hope all the time. When all the allopathic doctors leave hope, patients can knock the door of naturopathy hospital. Naturopathy doctor is always ready to treat every chronic disease. I have also Naturopathy Hospital and its name is Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital where I treat all the chronic diseases.

This is official blog of my website. I started this blog to my online patients. Hope, with this blog, they will more engage with my natural treatment.

Today, I will discuss one of chronic disease whose name is Edema or Foot Swelling. All allopathic doctors are taking tension by seeing this disease. They will do lots of test but they could not cure a single patient of this disease successfully. Because all their medicines are full of side-effects.

In naturopathy, we make a full treatment by changing whole life style. There are four main parts of body. One is kidney, second is liver, third is heart and fourth is our digestion system. Through naturopathy treatment, we repair its all organs. So, edema's all roots will remove and it will cure naturally.

You can see in the picture. Both foots have swelling. It is not defect of cells of foot but it happens due to defect all major organs of body. So, naturopathy has to remove its all roots. It will take time. But it is sure, it will totally be cured.

For curing this disease, we 

  • We read 10 to 30 years old history of patients
  • We find the roots of this cause.
  • Write the new natural eating habits
  • We recommends best exercises.
  • We also recommends best  yog.
  • We also explain which eating food is harmful.
  • We also take the help of 5 natural powers for curing this disease.
If you want to treat your Edema and foot swelling with naturopathy, please contact me today at my mobile no. 9356234925 or email 


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