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Sinusitis Treatment

One of my fan, have asked from Mumbai that she is suffering from Sinusitis infection from childhood. Due this, she also faced headache pain. She wants my help to treat her disease. I have been practicing the naturopathy for 15 years. More than 15 years, I follow its rules and regulation. So, on the whatsapp, I gave simple tips to treat sinus infection. But now today, I am sharing detail video on my official YouTube Channel which is in simple hindi language. If you want to treat your Sinus or sinusitis infection from me, you can register yourself in my online naturopathy hospital. After registration, I will treat step by step your kidney failure problem through naturopathy. Whether you are facing it recently or chronic level from childhood, your treatment is always possible in naturopathy. For knowing more detail of registration in my online hospital , please call me on my mobile no. 9356234925 (in India) and +91-9356234925 (outside India) or email on Also

Treatment of Headache by Naturopathy

There are two main reasons of headache. One is stress and second is constipation. Other are also like Sinusitis which we have already treated in previous video, if you did not watch, watch at

Treatment of HIV/AIDS with Naturopathy

If you want to get personal treatment of HIV/AIDS, please contact at our email or mobile no. 9356234925 ( in India) or outside India +91-9356234925 As per naturopathy, you have to follow following things for 30 days for best treatment of HIV/AID. 1. Be Positive that you will cure the AIDS. Increase your knowledge for becoming healthy naturally through books. There is no end point of knowledge. 2. LIVE Today life today. 3. Speak, listen Om and Walk 20 kms daily. 4. Stop to eat non-veg., eggs, Tea, sugar sweets, cold water, oil and salty food and fast food. 5. Eat fruits and drink normal water 6. Start body weight strength exercises 7. Stop to watch TV, TV shows, movies, new channels and news papers. 8. Follow Brahmcharya Rules.

Treatment of Diabetes by Naturopathy

Naturopathy trusts that if you will follow it, your pancreas will start to issue insulin naturally. It does not recommend to issue artificial insulin in body for consuming of sugar by body cells. For this follow its strict principles.

How to Bring Sugar Level Normal

Yes, naturopathy is time consuming but it cuts the roots of diseases successfully. As per naturopathy, your sugar level will normal within 30 days by just focus on my given naturopathy rules.

Treatment of High Blood Pressure by Naturopathy

In naturopathy, you can treat your high blood pressure in your home without any medicine. For this, you have to follow just 5 simple rules. 1. Do laugh dancing 2 hours per day for 30 days. 2. Express your gratitude for others daily. 3. Walk 20 kms daily. 4. Eat more fruits as substitute of salty and sugar foods. 5. Stop to eat non-veg., eggs and chicken. If you have any doubt, please call meat my mobile no. +91-9356234925 ( outside India) or WhatsApp 9356234925 ( India)