Sinusitis Treatment

One of my fan, have asked from Mumbai that she is suffering from Sinusitis infection from childhood. Due this, she also faced headache pain. She wants my help to treat her disease. I have been practicing the naturopathy for 15 years. More than 15 years, I follow its rules and regulation. So, on the whatsapp, I gave simple tips to treat sinus infection. But now today, I am sharing detail video on my official YouTube Channel which is in simple hindi language. If you want to treat your Sinus or sinusitis infection from me, you can register yourself in my online naturopathy hospital. After registration, I will treat step by step your kidney failure problem through naturopathy. Whether you are facing it recently or chronic level from childhood, your treatment is always possible in naturopathy. For knowing more detail of registration in my online hospital , please call me on my mobile no. 9356234925 (in India) and +91-9356234925 (outside India) or email on Also Watch My Other Video Tutorial for Curing sinus with Naturopathy. (A) Translation of Above Video through USA English 1. Focus on solutions instead problem 2. Running from 0 to 5 kms 3. Waling from 0 to 10 Kms 4. Stop Non veg., eggs and fish 5. Stop oily food 6. Stop cold water and drinks


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  2. Thanks for sharing the tips. It is really for the for the patients who are looking for the sinus treatment. Get the proper treatment top quality Balloon Sinuplasty using minimally invasive techniques from Calwestent.

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