Treatment of HIV/AIDS with Naturopathy

If you want to get personal treatment of HIV/AIDS, please contact at our email or mobile no. 9356234925 ( in India) or outside India +91-9356234925 As per naturopathy, you have to follow following things for 30 days for best treatment of HIV/AID. 1. Be Positive that you will cure the AIDS. Increase your knowledge for becoming healthy naturally through books. There is no end point of knowledge. 2. LIVE Today life today. 3. Speak, listen Om and Walk 20 kms daily. 4. Stop to eat non-veg., eggs, Tea, sugar sweets, cold water, oil and salty food and fast food. 5. Eat fruits and drink normal water 6. Start body weight strength exercises 7. Stop to watch TV, TV shows, movies, new channels and news papers. 8. Follow Brahmcharya Rules.


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